Cell Buddy Promises One SIM Card For Calls Throughout The World

imageCell Buddy Promises One SIM Card For Calls Throughout The World

With the global village getting smaller every day, it starts to become inconceivable that our access to the Internet and local phone calls require a complicated network and chip change every time we cross borders. A new chip, developed by Israeli engineers hopes to change that.

The Tel Aviv startup company Cell Buddy is currently developing a universal SIM chip for roaming around the world, wherever you may roam.

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Local media reports from Israel say that the chip is nearing the end of its testing phase and will be ready for market soon thereafter.

If this new technology comes to light it will take the pain out of switching chips, and it will save e-waste from hitting the landfill sites. Universal chips enable universal devices so you can use your smart phone anywhere there are mobile networks.

With an estimated 6.8 users of cell phones in the world Cell Buddy stands to make a lot of money if their technology, thought to be a Holy Grail of the cellular world, works.

Cell Buddy engineers connect its universal SIM to an app which helps users find the best cell network deals in each country or region they are in. The Cell Buddy works to help you make price comparisons, saving you time, money, headaches, and essentially a lot of extra SIMS.

So far the company works with 30 countries, and cell networks are already sending in their SIMS to be part of the new network. …

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