About Us


While working in Africa, Moment Research & Consultancy LLC identified a need to provide organisations working in conflict, post conflict and fragile environments with locally-delivered, insightful research and ethically driven consultancy services. Based on these principles they founded Moment.

Moment strives to lead the debate on research and consultancy methodologies in order to raise international standards, support institutional development and enhance research capacity in the countries we work in.

Our ethics

We emphasise integrity in all aspects of our work: 

Moment in how we treat our consultants and work with our local partners.
We look after them and help them prosper.

Moment in how we deal with our clients.
We are transparent about the challenges of working in fragile environments.

Moment  in how we interact with the populations we work amongst.
We listen to and respect local concerns.

We uphold the highest ethical standards as an employer through our commitment to equal opportunities and as a business to paying fair wages and local taxes. We always seek to benefit the communities we work in, building 
a legacy of skills, knowledge, experience and trust that lasts far beyond project completion.

We aim to be a motivational, inspirational and empowering employer with a loyal and growing team of talented and creative staff, encouraged to take risks, innovate and question norms in order to succeed.

Moment Research & Consultancy LLC

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